Media Release

Hopes Home Swinging with the Stars 2018 Regina

Have you ever been asked to wear a flashy outfit, come way out of your comfort zone and dance in front of a room full of strangers? Well that’s exactly what we’ve asked 8 of Regina’s most influential people to do – AGAIN – and they agreed! They may sound crazy, but it’s all in good fun for a great cause!

We are so excited to announce that we are putting together Swinging with the Stars 2018! The event will be held on April 28th at the International Trade Centre at Evraz Place. Last year’s event sold out at over 750 people and raised over $100,000! The second annual event will increase the size from 750 people to 1200 people, and hopefully raise just as much if not more money than last year! We are striving to make this event the largest, “funnest” fundraiser in Saskatchewan!

The celebrities are already beginning to train in preparation for this exciting evening. The dancers will showcase their choreographed routine at the event and the audience in attendance will vote for their favourite dance pair that night by making a donation in their name.

Following the same premise as the popular TV show Dancing with the Stars, there will be four judges on hand to present their comments on the performance. Two trophies will be presented, the Crowd Favourite and the Judges Favourite. To purchase tickets please visit

The proceeds raised at this event will go directly to allowing Hope’s Home to continue providing necessary care for children with complex medical needs and their families in our communities.