The Irene and Leslie Dubé Centre of Care, the Breast Health Centre (BHC) opened in 2006, primarily as a diagnostic imaging Centre. Believing a team effort is the best approach, the Centre expanded in 2012, adding telehealth services and physical space needed for teams to work together.

The Centre is now a place where imaging professionals, surgeons, nurse navigators, counsellors and other professionals collaborate to provide patient-centered care.

For patients and their loved ones who deal with the stress of a new diagnoses, it’s comforting to witness this coordinated effort that ensures they’re receiving the best possible care. Reducing stress and providing resources for patients and their families further encourages wellness and healing.

The Breast Health Centre needs your help to fund diagnostic equipment that is better able to capture images, especially for women with denser breasts – approximately 40% of the population.

Proceeds from Swinging with the Stars 2018 will support the purchase of an Automated Breast Ultrasound (ABUS)

ABUS uses an iPad-sized 15 x 15 cm probe which is larger than standard ultrasound. With a curve that forms to the breast, the probe sweeps across, saving images from every millimeter – top to bottom from the skin through to the ribs. The probe is repositioned twice more with small overlaps to ensure the entire inside of the breast is imaged.

The ABUS is faster, taking six minutes per breast, less than half the time of traditional US. Capturing images of the full breast rather than select images, ABUS presents a more complete picture. While the industry standard screening tool for breast imaging is still the mammogram, it will not produce a high contrast image with denser breast tissue, making it more difficult to locate cancer. ABUS better differentiates cancer from healthy tissue to locate a tumor.

Accomplishing everything in one visit is much easier for patients and staff. It can lead to a quicker diagnoses meaning suitable treatment can commence sooner. Access to ABUS will further improve diagnostic capabilities at the Breast Health Centre, reduce imaging time, reduce costs and make the entire process much more efficient.