The Saskatoon City Hospital Rehabilitation Center

Brings Families Back Together

Have you ever had a friend or family member who suffered a stroke? Or a friend or family member who experienced a tragic car accident? These accidents and health tragedies are a reality of life and happen to people in our province daily. They leave our friends and family incapacitated, facing lengthy recoveries and relying on intensive medical care. So how can we help them as a community?

We can help raise money to enhance the rehabilitation centre where they’re recovering. In many cases, it’s entirely possible to return to a full and healthy life. Where would you rather do it? In an institutional-like setting or a place that’s reminiscent of home?

This is exactly what Swinging with the Stars and the Saskatoon City Hospital Foundation are raising money for. A 33- to 35-bed unit that serves people recovering from a variety of illnesses such as strokes, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries other neurological disorders, amputations, and multiple trauma. The rehabilitation centre at Saskatoon City Hospital is aimed at making recovery the best it can be for the centre’s patients.

The Bringing Home to Rehab project, which is what we are raising money for, is aimed at creating a more welcoming and diverse environment. It’s divided into three key areas:

1. Responsive Physical Environment- An environment that makes it easier for recovering patients to adapt to their surroundings and increase independence.

2. Therapeutic Environment- A setting that feels like home and that uplifts patients’ spirits.

3. Modern Environment- Technology is now a crucial part of our daily lives. Putting the best and latest technology in the hands of patients will help speed their recovery.

“We want to help people plan for a new part of their life in an environment they know and understand. Making the ward a more comfortable place, where they can think about what the future holds rather than dwell on what’s happened to them, is a good first step.”

Dr. Gary Linassi, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Saskatoon City Hospital