Your support of Swinging with the Stars will benefit Saskatoon City Hospital Foundation’s Equip for Excellence campaign. Created in 2013, more than $30 million has been raised to provide the latest and best equipment, resources and technology for the hospital, its dedicated employees and, most important, the patients it serves.
Funds will be allocated for the purchase of equipment requested by the hospital’s Eye Care Centre. The Eye Care Centre at City Hospital is a unique center, delivering ophthalmology care across a wide range of sub specialties of ophthalmology. The centre offers services such as diagnostic emergency care, a glaucoma clinic and pediatric eye care; patients range in age from infancy to geriatric.
“You can be any age, any demographic to have an eye problem and fortunately we’re able to take care of pretty much any issue here in Saskatchewan because of the subspecialists that we have in that department,” says Dr. Gabriela Campos-Baniak, an ophthalmological surgeon.
“Ophthalmology equipment is critical, we cannot practice without it,” she adds. “That equipment changes very quickly; it needs to be updated and upkept for us to do the best job that we can because eyes are so important.”
Among the requests are:
  • An integrated digital microscope with enhanced imaging for use in surgeries

  • Visual field machines to monitor and diagnose the progression of diseases

  • Hand held slit lamps for patients with mobility issues

  • Tonometers, phoropters and a vision screen system for pediatric patient
  • “Patients tell me that losing their vision is the worst thing that can happen to them,” Dr. Campos-Baniak says. “If you've ever known someone with an eye condition or you yourself have had an eye condition, then you know how important it can be. It can happen any time in your life. Eyes are so important; they help people function and help people keep their independence. This equipment is the only way we can do our jobs as well as we do.”
    Thank you for your support of Swinging with the Stars. Thank you for helping to retain and restore vision for patients at the Saskatoon City Hospital Eye Care Centre.